Plessy Vs. Ferguson

What does it take to be called guilty?

How was life before and after this case?

Before the case there was a lot of segregation but they were more equal than later on in the future. After this case the racism increased they became less equal all around until the civil rights movement came into affect.(KINSHASA, KWANDO M)

How did this case all start?

This case began when Homer Plessy a light-skinned African American had boarded an all-white train car. He was then with no hesitation was arrested for breaking the segregation laws in Louisiana( Sonia Benson, Daniel E. Brannen, Jr., and Rebecca Valentine )

What happened during and after the case?

Plessy was a very light skinned African American he was said to be 1/8 african american and 7/8 Caucasian. the only reason why he was cought was because he bought a "colored" ticket.  during the case he wasnt even given a chance. The judge refused his defence case case saying he was in violation of the 14th admendment. Not many of the "colored" citizens of New Orlands seemed to care about this case. his punshment was he had to pay a $25.(Cassimere Jr., Raphael)

How did this cause change in the future?

what did this case do for the near future?

This case did the oppiste of what most would think. It semmed from this case they strengthed the seguation laws and making the seprate but "equal" really seprate and different tho many would not admit it (Ed. Thomas Carson and Mary Bonk).

Did this make a change for the future?

In this case the statement separate but equal came in to play. In most case the were separate but not so equal. dose this still come int to play today? the sad truth is yes. in most schools where "colored" races are the majority the school is typically worse. In "Achieving the Promise of Plessy vs. Ferguson" they state "In many of our cities two-thirds of male African American students do not graduate from high school."(Michael Holzman, 1) .

True of False

1. Everyone was viewed as equal after the case.

2. Homer Plessy was questioned before being arrested.

3. Homer Plessy was African american.

4. laws were strict for public transportation and segregation

5. The phrase "separate and different" was big in this case.