Favorite Things and idol

Football,Video Games,Eminem,The band Kiss,AC DC,Pit bulls,Rottweilers,And Dr Dre


Best Friends

Alex,Evan,Isabella,Armando,Joseph,Phillip,Caleb,Micheal,And so on

My Dream

My dream is to become a wrestler. And travel the word doing what i like to do and that is wrestling.People keep telling me that wrestling is fake.And i know it is but even though its fake people get payed well over 1,000,000$.P.S I am not going to do it for the money

Worst day of my life

I was going to one of my friends house and this girl stopped me and then she told me that she through a firecracker in this old house.I didn't care because I thought she was lying.But then I go home,after I got home a police officer came and asked me if I knew about the fire and i told them all I know is that the girl threw a firework in there and caught fire.Then he threatened me to take to to Juvenal for life.

Thank you