How they form

What are hurricanes

Hurricanes are tropical,cyclonic stroms
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Things to know about hurricanes

Here are some thing you should know about hurricanes. For starters there are different types of hurricanes like with there categories if its a category one the speeds will be 74-95 if its a category two it has speeds 96-110 category three it speed will be 111-129 category four its speed is 130-156 if it is a category five the speed will be 157<.That is something you should know about hurricanes.

Hurricane safety

Hurricanes do look very cool but they are very dangerous.Hurricanes are dangerous because they can destroy your home. These are some ways you can be safe during or before a hurricane.First make sure you have a safe place to meet your family if you get split up.Another thing you should do is be ready like have everything you will need like a flash light a radio and if you want things that a precious to you you can take like family pictures or thing that were passed down or just important things but you should always be prepared it could come out of nowhere.

Hurricane damage

Hurricanes can lead to bad damage to a house,streets,frost,ecosystems and sometimes they can be life threatening.Scientist tell people with only a couple of hours to get to safety they are trying to find a way they can expect one to come earlier .Remember to always be safe when a hurricane comes