Scientific Revolution

Sofia Callejas

What was the change?

The change of the scientific revolution was the discovery of the new world, new inventions of all type and the religious transformation of Europe, forms the dividing line between the medieval world and the early modern world. The change of the scientific revolution changed in two major areas , which are biology and astronomy.

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How did the change impact the society at the time?

The seventeenth century is known as the “scientific revolution” for the drastic changes evidenced in the European approach to science. The scientific method led to the discovery of several technologies that became incredible helpful to the merchant class. It was a time of many inventions where people created new things. Also, new medicines were invented at this time period. There were a lot of people involved in this . That helped discover how earth was , that also used calculus to help the theory , and also Galileo perfected the telescope at this time. Copernicus corrected the theory of Galileo that he provided the church wrong. It all started with Copernicus , Kepler , and Galileo and it ended with newton. Rise of universities is the factor that lead to the scientific revolution. Before the scientific revolution , science was entirely based out of reasoning.

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How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

The changes are evidenced today because a lot of them are used by a lot of people. For example, technology is very popular to everyone in the world and mostly everyone has some type of technology in their home. Before the scientific revolution , everything that we have today wouldn't be the same, nothing would be like it is now. Also, all the things we have now, before the revolution , all this wasn't made and life was not as easy as it is now with all the technology, medicine, and all the rest of the inventions made back then. All the things that we have now are all evidence of what the scientific revolution changed.

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