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November 11, 2019

Thank you!

I cannot tell you how much love I felt this week with everyone's well wishes and the cards from students. I appreciate your support. Thank you for allowing students to process what happened, each at their own level.

Thank you, Nicoletta, for leading the staff meeting SIT professional learning on Monday while I recovered. Thank you, Autumn and Amanda, for fielding tough questions while protecting student privacy.

Thank you early childhood and lower el for putting up with our classrooms visits with the reading consultant. She had some great feedback that I will share with you soon.

Thank you, Dana and the special ed team, for having IEPs and associated documents/files in order for our USBE special education file review. Dana has shared that feedback with you all already.

Thank you all for your welcoming of the Booster Fun Run team! They have had a wonderful time this year at MMA and are happy to be here to help us all - while earning our school money.

I am really hoping that this week will be exciting, but in a good way. Have a good week,


SIT Professional Learning Feedback

Remember, 4 = strongly agree and 1 = strongly disagree
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Fun Run Deets

The actual running part of the Fun Run happens on Wednesday. I updated the meeting request I sent to each of you with the information below. The run is happening outside on the big field.

I have put a time for your class to go out to recess; and, as you can see - LE recess overlaps with the EC run. I'll check with Charlie tomorrow to see if that is going to be an issue for the Booster peeps and know that UE will probably be asked to stay out of the fun run area.

8:40-9:10am - AM EC
9:15-10:15am - lower el

10:15-11:15am - upper el

11:30am-1pm - LE recess
12:10-12:45pm - PM EC

12:30-1pm - UE recess
1-1:15pm - Sliming event - whole school invited (probably outside)
2-3pm - JH color run

2-2:15pm - 6th grade students go out and cheer for JH color run

**Please emphasize with JH students that they will not be returning into the building after their color run as they will be disgustingly dirty. Have them take their backpacks and other items outside before the run.

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Recess Reminders

A class cannot go out with an adult rep (either a teacher or assistant) from their class. Classes should walk out (and in) from recess in silent line formation with an adult at the front of the line so that students arrive outside with an adult or shortly after their adult.

Upper el should not be going outside during lower el's regularly scheduled recess, which is 11:30-12pm. Also, lower el should not be going outside during upper el's recess time, which is 12:30-1pm. If you need extra recess, please go out outside of these times.

Adults supervising recess need to be in their assigned zones and not talking to each other or on the phone or reading or writing (unless it's an injury report). The adults supervising recess need to be actively monitoring student activity and whereabouts.

The reason for this reminder is that I have had several individuals report to me that these things are not happening - including reports from our neighbors. Also, whenever I have to tell a parent about a recess incident/injury - their first thing they ask is - where was the adult outside? I need to be confident in my answer to parents. And, it's a liability issue for the school whenever students are not being properly supervised.

If you have questions or concerns, please check in with your lead teaching assistant or speak to me. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Tiffany has completed her student teaching requirement with flying colors and nearing the end of her teacher education program. Congratulate her when you see her as this is a big milestone.

Parent Education Night

Parent education night this week has been postponed. Thank you to the committee, who met outside of committee time, to get this planned and the agenda created. We will be using the International Festival as our parent education outreach event this month.
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Save the Date

Friday, December 6th Staff Holiday party in Ogden 7-10pm - organized pot luck.
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11 SIT Meetings

12 PLC Meetings (Mandatory for full-time staff)

12 MMA Board Meeting, 5:30pm

13 Boosterthon Fun Run

14 Lifetouch Student School Picture Re-Takes

14 E.Y.E. Mentees Meeting 3:30pm-4:30pm

18 Advisory Meeting

18 Junior High Parent Contact

18 Elementary Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-ups Open

19 Vertical PLC Meetings (Mandatory for full-time staff)

21-22 Junior High Parent-Teacher Conferences 3:00-7:00pm

21 MAPA Gratitude Feast @ 12:00pm

21 Junior High Grades Posted

22 International Festival 1-3pm

25-26 Teacher Compensation Day; No School

27-29 Thanksgiving Break; No School

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I emailed N&B instead for the week of October 14th.