Shakespeare Project/ Viola

Comparing Viola from "Twelfth Night", and "She's the Man".

Viola's Identity in the "Twelfth Night"

Viola's identity, in the Shakespeare written text, is described as dedicated, stubborn, arrogant, experienced, and generally loving and caring. Her whole background and everything she has been through has shaped her image into those characteristics. Since the beginning of the story, where Viola's ship sank in the ocean, she realized she had to find her own way. She then became determined to find her brother, who she thought died in the ship wreck. She would not let anyone get in the way from her finding her long lost brother, even though she did not actively seek him. She gained the arrogant and stubborn side of her while trying to find her brother. She also fell in love with Duke Orsino, bringing out the love and compassionate side of her. She also has a rude side. "She took the ring from me. I'll none it" (II. ii. 10). This quote clearly explains how Viola can be stubborn and rude. Her comment was toward Malvolio. Viola embraces her stubborn side by saying that she never had a ring to give and she said that with a huge attitude. This makes her stubborn side seem more fierce.

Viola's Gender Experiences in the "Twelfth Night"

Since Viola came from a higher class of society, she has always had things right there for her. She is capable of doing her own work and achieving her own goals, but her upper class rank has helped her in life. She is very determined, as almost as if she had that girl power sense of capabilities in her. She chooses to experience her life on the determined and stubborn side, based on her gender, which is a woman with high expectations from everyone she knows. Viola definitely knows what she is worth in society and as her gender. For example, "I'll serve this duke" (I. ii. 51). This quote comes from the section where Viola decides to be a determined woman and find a way to survive in a foreign country. She also decides to be extremely hopeful to her lost Brother, Sebastian, who she thought had died during a ship wreck.

Viola's Perception in the "Twelfth Night"

In the majority of the whole story, Viola plays as her disguised self, Cesario. Many characters see Cesario is a noble servant who serves well and is very loyal, kind, and understanding. Cesario is very complicated in the story because, it's actually Viola. Viola is very determined and it plays out as her disguised character. Cesario is determined to work for Duke Orsino. And it shows as many characters see Cesario to be mostly loyal to Duke Orsino. But Viola doesn't really get a chance to express her love and gratitude towards him because she doesn't want to reveal her true identity. "On your attendance, my lord, here"( I. iiii. 10). This quote translate to modern English that Viola does secretly does adore Duke and she is willing to do any tasks that he requests of her, who she is secretly Cesario. even awkward tasks, like later in the story when he commands Cesario to talk to Olivia about his love.

Similarities & Differences between Viola and I

In some ways me and Viola are similar. We are both determined. I am determined to be very good at soccer, like the movie "Shes the Man", and Viola is determined to make her way into a foreign country and find her long lost brother. But we are also different, like Viola likes to be stubborn sometimes, because of the situations she has experienced in the past. But I am not stubborn. I like to hear other people's ideas before I assume something or know what is going on in a particular situation.

Viola in "Shes the Man''

Viola's Identity in "She's the Man"

Viola's identity, in She's the Man, is very similar to the Viola in the text. She is very determined to achieve one goal, to be on the Boy's soccer team, in Illyria. She doesn't let anyone, not even her own boyfriend, bring her down, saying how she doesn't have the potential to be on the boys team( She's the Man). She also is determined to stand up for girls in general, and destroy the sexist ways of the Boy's and their coach's thinking that girls are weaker than guys. She truly has thick skin and doesn't want anything for herself but her own success. In She's the Man, the Boy's soccer team coach tells Viola that she will never be good enough to be on the boy's soccer team, because she is a girl. She responds to this by being determined enough to eventually prove the coach and the boys wrong by beating them (She's the man).

Viola's Gender in "She's the Man"

Just like the text, Viola disguises herself to be a different person. She disguises herself to be her older brother, Sebastian. She experiences sexism and a huge lack of support as a woman, so she decides to go to a different school to prove to everyone who doubted her that they were wrong. Her experiences in disguise are much a lot more different then her experiences without her disguise. As a boy she experiences a lot of new things. In She's the Man, Viola gets hit with many situations that guys only are put in (She's the Man). She eventually gets used to those situations.

Viola's Perception in "She's the Man"

Many Characters think that Viola is a determined and self motivated woman with high expectations and a person who doesn't lower her standards. Those characters do know who Viola is but when Viola was in disguise, as her older brother Sebastian, those people that she meet thinks that she is determined but odd. That is because Viola attempted many times to put her self into boy situations that she wasn't experienced at. In She's the Man, Viola, as Sebastian, struggles to know what to say when she gets her self into boy situations, causing the guys that know her as Sebastian to think that Viola is very awkward at times (She's the Man).

Similarities and Differences between Me and Viola

I am similar to Viola in many ways, like my determination. I love to play soccer, and so does Viola. Both of our determination and passion comes from that one thing that makes us happy. But at the same time, we are very different. I love to hear other peoples ideas and Viola can be very stubborn at times, causing us to have a little bit of differences between us.