Let's Recycle,

Learning Cottage!

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Fusion Kids need your recycled materials!

This month the Red Room will become a haven for recycled materials. These materials will be properly sorted by the children during their time in the Red Room while learning about recycling, conservation and sustainability. These Items will become inspiration for their own art & fashion masterpieces. They will also be used as the children become active participants in the planning of our annual Earth Day celebration (April 25th TBA).

Please save & deliver, to the main building, the following items:

  • plastic bottles
  • newspaper
  • aluminum cans
  • food pouch tops (squeezable applesauce etc.)
  • bottle caps of ANY kind & ALL sizes
  • old jeans. Yup! old jeans :)
  • LOTS of old T Shirts

Thank you in advance for being an active participant in this month's Red Room learning goals. Should you have any questions please email Ms. Aimee.

Below are examples of planned recycled activities.