Peter The Great

By Jacob Slide

Basic Information

Peter the Great was a member of the Romanov family. Peter 1 was Born on May 30th 1672 in Moscow Russia and died on January 28th 1725 in St. Petersburg Russia. He married Catherine. She had 11 kids with him but only two of them survived. Elizabeth and Anna were the only two. They were He was Co-Czar with his mentally disabled brother until he died in the late 1680's. He was the Czar of Russia, in some form, from 1682-1725. He ruled until he died in 1725.


When Peter was ruler he took a trip to western Europe for 18 months. When he came back his main goal was to modernize Russia. He wanted them to be more like the other countries from Western Europe. He wanted people to dress like them and less like the old Russian ways.

Goals Under Peter the Great

Peter was also trying to make Russian one of the Western European powers. He wanted them to dress and look like the other European powers (England and France). He wanted them to have a strong army that could compete with anybody.

Policies to achieve his goals

One thing Peter did to Modernize Russia was to make the Nobles to adopt a more European lifestyle. He also made the court members to wear western European clothing. To make Russia a more powerful country he made the army stronger.

Beard Tax

In his quest to be more like the European's he ordered people to shave their beards and if they wanted to keep them they were taxed on it. In 1689 Peter initiated this policy. He wanted to modernize Russia and this was on of the ways he thought he could do that. You didn't have to shave your beard but if you kept it you will have to pay the extra tax.

Warm Water Port

The water above Russia was frozen for much of the year and in order to trade with the other countries they needed to get to the Mediterranean sea. The only problem was that the Ottoman Empire was blocking the way. There was no clear winner to the war against the Ottoman Empire but he did defeat Poland and Sweden. He got a mostly warm water port. It was St. Petersburg, his new capital.

Achievements of Peter the Great

Peter sort of got his warm water port in St Petersburg. It wasn't a true warm water port but his win over Sweden and Poland gave him a mostly warm water port. Peter also made the Russian army much stronger. He created a 200,000 thousand soldier army under his reign. This was on route to making Russia a European Power. He also accomplished one of his main goals which was modernizing Russia. He put in Policies and made them more like the other European countries.