who was sacagawea

To begin, Sacagawea was born in the Shoshone tribe. She was born a Indian girl, and she did not have a lot of rights or freedom. On February 11 she gave birth to a baby boy named Jean-Baptiste. Sacagawea died in 1812.

what did she do

She showed tribes what to use for medicine, and she showed people how to communicate. Sacagawea helped people get horses. As a woman she showed tribes that the group was peaceful. She left with Charbonneau for Missouri in 1809. She was forced to marry a fur trader. Sacagawea returned to my village in 1806.

Impact on the world

Second, Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark explore. The Lewis and Clark expedition was a group of explorers and she was in it. She helped guide and translate during the Lewis and Clark expedition. If Sacagawea did not help Lewis and Clark, then people would not have been able to move to the west.

Additional Information

Third, the chief turned out to be sacagawea’s brother. Many landmarks and monuments have been named for her.The life in the hidatsa tribe was not that different from her home and she was captured by the hidatsa tribe. Life was hard for a lot of people in the early days.

Should we be more like them?

Finally, I think we should be more like Sacagawea because she showed tribes to be peaceful I also think she is brave because she spent her childhood in the wild.

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