Brrrrrr!It's the Polar Bear!

By:Nikhil Kini

The Tundra

The polar bear lives in the tundra ecosystem.In the tundra there are some plants,the plants have short roots.The tundra is located in the Northern areas of North America,Europe,Asia,and Greenland.They have a frozen soil in the ecosystem known as permafrost.Some of the biotic features in our ecosystem are Grass,Shrubs,Moss,and Flowers.Some of the abiotic features are Water,Air,Rocks,Soil,The Sun,and Ice.

Where The Polar Bear Stands

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The Food Chain

The food chain starts of with the Sun who gives energy to the algae (the producer). This algae gets eaten by the zebra danio (the herbivore).The zebra danio gets eaten by the seal (carnivore level 2).The seal gets eaten by the polar bear (carnivore level 3).When the polar bear dies his energy goes to the worm (the decomposes).The worm now brings it to the algae.
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Food Web

The food web starts of with the sun who gives energy to either algae if sea grass (the producers).The two plants get eaten by the salmon (the herbivore).The penguin (carnivore level 2) now eats the salmon.The penguin gets eaten by the seal (carnivore level 3).The seal either gets eaten by the polar bear or orca (carnivore level 4).When they die the energy goes to a worm (the decomposer) gives it back to the algae or sea grass.This is how the food web of the polar bear works.

Hunting Polar Bears:Yes or No?

Hunting Polar Bears

Hunting polar bears is ok if we keep the population level.If we hunt polar bears.If we hunt them too much then we will have under population with polar bears.This will over pulsate seals which ruins the food chain or food web.If we don't hunt polar bears enough,they will overpopulate.If they overpopulate they will eat too many seals.This will also mess up the entire food chain or food web.On average,500 to 600 polar bears are killed every year

Yes or No?

One of the reasons you should hunt poplars is to keep their population level.One of the good places to hunt is Grise Fiord in Canada.Hunting is part of the Inuit culture.The Inuits live there so if you meet them you can learn from them.According to Ameri-Cana Expeditions it's a 12-day experience you will never forget.Some reasons not to hunt polar bears is because they are endangered.You also shouldn't hunt them if you are not experienced at hunting because polar bears are at the top of their food chain.It is a very tough and long trip to get to the polar bear and you might face many hardships.Global warming has been happening in many places where polar bears live and some polar bears have been dying from the global warming.