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Aral Sea

The water from the Aral Sea was used for irrigation.They needed it to water the crops because it is arid or semiarid.Arid or semiarid means little or no rainfall.It is found in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
Because they took all of the water, the sea dried up and the pesticides from the irrigation polluted the area.
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Siberian lakes

The permafrost is melting because of global warming in Siberia.This is releasing methane gas into the the atmosphere.Methane is a greenhouse gas.This means it traps gases and makes the Earth hotter. (like me )Scientists are studying this to figure it out.

Natural Resources

Russia has many natural resources. Some of those are diamonds, gold, iron, coal, cobalt, and copper.Some of their nonrenewable fossil fuels that they have are coal and oil.They also have peat, which is decayed plant material, that they burn like oil.
Hydroelectric power is used with their rivers and lakes to make electricity.