Planets Project : Saturn

info. of planet

size of planet

Saturn is 1.08321 x 1012 km or, in other words, 764 Earths could fit inside Saturn.

Temperature of planet

  • The temp. of Saturn is -270 (Fahrenheit)

Does the planet have gravity like earth?

Saturn does have gravity like Earth's. 10.44 m/s^2 to be exact

What is the surface of Saturn like

Saturn has no surface at all.

How long does Saturn take to orbit the sun

It takes 10,755.7 days

how long does it take to turn around

10.656 hours

what is the weather like

it has winds from 225 mph to 1000 mph and temps. from -270 to +80 degreese

does it have any moons and/or rings

Saturn has 62 moons and 7 groups of rings.

when was it discovered

Saturn was discovered in 1656

how did it get its name

the Ancient Romans named it after one of their gods.

cacan saturn be seen from earth

yes it can

fun facts

Saturn is the second largest planet. The rings are not solid, they are actually made up of bits of ice and dust.