Web Publication Tips & Tricks

What is a link?

A piece of text or an object that directly links to another webpage, video, or document. Also just known as a "link."

You can type anything you want and make it a link

What is Embedding?

Embedding an object means the object shows up in your site rather than as a link to your site.

Link to Photo:
Photo of Me

Embedded Photo:

Website Examples:

Do This!

Not This!

Citing Sources

Copyright and Fair Use

Sources for Royalty Free Music/Images

Incompetech (Music)

Creative Commons (Music & Images)

Flickr Creative Commons (Images)

Key Points to Remember:

  • Less is more!
  • Pages with too much info are cluttered and hard to read
  • Connect to more content using links
  • Break up large chunks of content with photos, videos, bold headlines, etc.
  • Cite your sources!

Possible Web Tools: