Volcano Vacation

Skyla Park

Shield Volcano

A shield volcano is the largest type of volcano, with lava slowly oozing out of the sides. When the lava dries, it dries into hard rock, building up the size of the volcano, specifically the base of the shield volcano. If you have a relaxing personality, and would like a quiet vacation spot for you and your family, our largest shield volcano would be the perfect spot for your family.

Cinder Cone Volcano

A cinder cone volcano is a small volcano, and is made up of rock, ashes, and cinders. A cinder cone volcano is a very violently explosive volcano, meaning that when this volcano erupts, it erupts very violently. If your family is in the mood for an adventure filled vacation, the cinder cone volcano is the way to go!

Composite Volcano

The composite volcano is even more explosive than the cinder cone volcano, sometimes even blowing the top off of a volcano. The composite volcano usually erupts very unexpectedly, making the explosions of this volcano seem even more violent than it seems. If your family loves an action filled vacation, then check out our composite volcano.