Outsiders Timeline

By: Will Garrison

Ponyboy's Timeline

Ponyboy is a sweet and nice kid at the beginning of the book and through most of the book but at the end he gets tougher and wants to fight. When he was at the gas station waiting outside the socs came up to him and he broke a beer bottle and threatened them, that is not like ponyboy. Ponyboy said "Nothing gold can stay." So he might think that he is never going to stay good forever so why try be good if I'm going to be bad anyway.

Ponyboy matures a little I guess because he isn't the innocent little kid anymore. He is the guy who wants to fight and do things that he used to not do.

Ponyboy has done good things and bad things. The good things he has done is be a good friend and family to Johnny when he doesn't have anybody, and for saving those kids in the fire. That was a tremendous thing to do. The bad things that he has done is the rumble is the only bad thing that he has really done.

Johnny said to ponyboy to "Stay Gold Ponyboy." He said that to ponyboy so that he could still have a chance in life and have a real life and not to just live in the slums all of his life.

Ponyboy is the smart kid and the kid how has the best chance in life. But when Johnny kills Bob he changes, they run off to the church and hang out there tell Dally comes and get them. But when they are coming back they see a fire and they think it's there fault. Ponyboy is becoming more of a good person like he was at the beginning. They come home and Johnny is in the hospital. Ponyboy and the rest of the gang go to the rumble. After Johnny dies and Ponyboy is very sad. Dally kills himself and Ponyboy finds a letter from him saying "Stay Gold, Ponyboy."

Compare and Contrast

I think that me and Ponyboy would be in the same clique because we are both and outsider. WE both go to school and not have any real friends but when Ponyboy goes home he has his true friends and when I go to gymnastics I have my real friends there. Ponyboy's identity is nice, greaser, outsider, careful, and shy. He says "Don't die on me Johnny." And he says "I need to stop smoking or I'll miss the track meet." He really cares for himself. That shows that he cares for people. My identity is nice, outsider all the way, a little shy, and careful of others. I think we would be in the same clique as Ponyboy, we are both outsiders and not fit in with the popular people and things like that. We are defiantly in the same clique.