History of Body Shapers

By: Rustyn Orbison

Body Shapers over the years

  1. In ancient times girdles were believed to have magical powers

  2. Symbol of virginity in medieval times

  3. Ishtar goddess of Babylon wore a girdle as a sign of fertility

  4. In the 1960’s the girdles evolutionized to the spanks

  5. Used to reinforce and strengthen the body

Body shapers over the years

  1. Essential garments in the 1920’s

  2. Catherine de' Medici, banned thick wastes in the 1550’s

  3. Corsets were laced up with ribbons but only wealthy people had this luxury

  4. Girdles simple tight fabric, Corsets had boning

  5. Corsets boning were made from actual bones

Just look at the difference