Tragedy in Hawaii

Drew Noland

Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor

Today on the 7th of December 1941, Japanese aircraft and navy bombed the military base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. They bombed many of our navy ships including USS West Virginia, Nevada, Tennessee, Arizona, Oklahoma, Maryland, and California. The Japanese dropped a 250 kilogram bomb during the attack, on Ford Island. There were five midget subs that attempted to penetrate the inner harbor. We were able to shoot down one of the Japanese bomber in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Naval Hospital. All the bombs fro the aircraft and ships destroyed our naval fleet and killed over 1104 men in the process.

Pearl Harbor Today

Pearl Harbor was a devastation fro both countries that day. So much has changed in 74 years since Japan attacked the U.S. on December 7. The two who were once enemies, are now politically, economically, and militarily intertwined. Even the general citizenry holds the other in a positive light. We can learn that sometimes people, groups, or even nations can someday become allies. Pearl Harbor shows us that sometimes, good can come from bad.