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Hello Pillow Panther Staff!

We have the hardest working staff in the doubt about it. Y'all do so much for our Panthers and I really appreciate it. Sometimes, we might feel like our hard work isn't being noticed, but it is. I hear all of the time from students, parents, community partners, and other teachers about how impressed they are with all of the hard work our staff puts in. If you don't feel like your hard work is being appreciated enough, that is my fault. I am working on being better at highlighting great works by the staff at Pillow, but please do know that people notice what you do. Even former school board presidents know how hard this staff works. At an event I was at last week, former school board president Mark Williams asked me how I was liking Pillow. I told him, like I tell everyone who asks me that question, that I am the luckiest principal in the district because I have such a hard working staff. He responded that he always remembered Pillow being a hard working staff and a staff that cares about all students. People notice. When Mr. C had to be out a few days last week, students and parents would ask me, 'Where is Mr. C? We miss him greeting us every morning in the front of the school." People notice. When the SEL department tells me how much they love seeing the pictures of our SEL Tuesday Assemblies online...people notice. When the Marathon Kids staff and PE department ask us to pilot a study around the new Marathon Kids/WOW program because they know how dedicated our teachers and Coach Mikulencak are to student health...people notice. When the SpEd department and Pillow staff tell me how impressed they are with the SBS unit this year under Ms. Major, Mr. Fine, and Mr. Berglund's leadership...people notice. When Ms. Swingle, Ms. Martin, and others step in to help some of our struggling students when they need a place to cool down...people notice. When teachers volunteered last week to cover for Kinder classes so the teachers could attend a funeral service...people notice. There are plenty of other examples of the hard work this staff puts in, but I want you to know that people do notice...and people really appreciate it. So, thank you.

We are moving into October, and things are moving quickly. Please make sure that you are staying on track with the CRM's and the SE's that are expected to be taught, when they are expected to be taught. Also, we have 2 academic nights coming up in October. Math Night is October 15th and Literacy Night is October 28th. The Math and ELA committees should be meeting to help plan how we want those nights to look. If you haven't met yet, please plan on doing so ASAP.

Also, we were able to get individual student dry erase boards for all students in 3rd through 5th grade last week. We have some left over, so let me know if you want some for your students. Just email me how many. These are great to use for formative assessments and quick checks throughout the day in class.

That's all for now. Thank you for all that you do and please know that it is not going unnoticed.

-Mr. Hill

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Diversity Awareness Month

National Bullying Prevention Month

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8:00am - 9:00am - Coffee W/ The Principal

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