Harold Shipman

Giovanny Hernandez

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Early life:

He was born in England in January 14,1946 and out of his brother, he was his mothers favorite. they had a strong connection . His mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and he was amazed at how the pain killers would help her suffering. She later died in 1963.

Later life:

After his mothers death Harold was determined to get in the medical field as a career.In 1974 he became a family Practitioner and that was when he became addicted to painkillers. He would give himself large amounts of the drug and was kicked out when his colleagues found out. He was later was hired at a medical center where he was well known for being a good a caring doctor.

But one day and undertake noticed that Harold's patients were dying at an unusually high rate and they were all dying in a similar way. He alerted police and they further examined him and realized he was overdosing all of his patients and that's what was causing his patients to die. He supposedly killed over 200 people.

Trial: He was guilty of 15 murders and was sentenced to life in prison where he would late hang himself.

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