Franklin, MA


Franklin Agricultural Commission

In 2017 local farmers came together to form an Agricultural Commission, which is allowed under Massachusetts’ law and approved by the Franklin Town Council in May of 2017.

The Agricultural Commission’s mission is to “support, promote, and enhance the long term viability of Franklin agriculture acting as advocates and educators for our community.”

Why buy fresh and local foods?

-Local foods taste and look better

-Seasonal foods are full of flavor and sold when fresh or ripe

-Shorter time between harvesting and your table means there are more nutrients

-Local farmers provide a wide variety of crops and foods

-An easy way to eat more fruits and vegetables

-Local farms promote a safer food supply

-Support the local economy and local farms

-Local farms preserve open and green space

-Local farming is good for the environment

(Michigan State University Extension)


Want to know more???

You can look forward to weekly flyers all summer!

I'll be providing information on the Agricultural Commission, the local farms, all their wonderful products, the farmers' market, CSAs, and health and nutrition information.

A Little About Me:

This newsletter is part of my summer practicum project to complete my Master's in Public Health Nutrition from UMass Amherst. I am community member and a volunteer with the Franklin Agricultural Commission. I am passionate about eating fresh and local foods and I am excited to share information about our local farms and Agricultural Commission with you all summer.


Jennifer Nicholls

BS Nutrition

MS Emergency Management

MPH Nutrition (Pending)

June 2018

Vol 1