Level 1's - June Incentive

Earn Some BLING & BACARA while you grow your BC Business!

A Promotion Bonus with a Little Kate Spade!

I am excited to roll out a fun incentive to you all today. I know you are working hard to build your Beautycounter businesses. Below is a small promotion I am running June 1st-July 31st. Like you needed any more incentive than this AMAZING Bacara Trip but to sweeten the deal I want to reward you for working your business!

-Promote or Re-promote to Manager in June and receive a fun pair of Kate Spade earrings you will want to wear all summer long! They may match our new Branding Standards:)

-Promote or Re-promote to Senior Manager and receive a fantastic Kate Spade earrings you will want to wear all summer long + a Beautycounter Color Product or Business Swag to build your kit.

-Promote or Re-promote to Director and receive...well..something fabulous (it's a secret...because it's really good!).

-EARN BACARA! I have a little something fabulous planned for these ladies!!!

Please reach out to me if promoting is a goal of yours. My goal is to help you reach your goals this summer!

Once again, congratulations on a fantastic May...I cannot wait to see what June brings.



Ps: Going for the Bacara trip? If so, make sure I know. I want to see you there and will do everything I can to help you. Fill out the Goal Tracker and shoot me a snap shot! I won't know if you are going for it unless you let me know!

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I Will see YOU in Bacara!!!! Track it, do it, earn it!!!

You Ladies CAN do this! And let me show you what happens if you DO go for it!

-If you went for the trip last year and didn't make it your business grew by 200%

-If you went for the trip last year and made it your business great by 400%

Those are numbers that get me out of bed in the morning!!!! Use this tracker!!! Send me your goals and raise your hand screaming "Let's do this!" I am with you every step of the way! Need help? Just ask - schedule a coaching call and let's map this out for you!

You can not earn this trip without recruiting!!! Use tips from the best - reference Morgan Rasmussen's Recruiting Tips emails on how to reach out about the opportunity! This is a gift we can give people - opportunity for money and to be a part of a social mission way bigger then ourselves!!! Write a list of 10 people you WILL reach out to about the opportunity and message them this week!!! GO!

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I am new - can I make this trip? YESSSSSS and here is how!

Your Path to Bacara

Hit 3,000QV in June and July: 20 Points

-10 points for hitting 3,000QV in June and 10 points for hitting 3,000QV

in July.

-QV includes your personal purchases plus your sales (you are already

at 600+QV for your starter kit purchase!). Side note: To max out the

compensation plan and hit 35% commission you want to hit $3,000 in

PV each month. PV is just your sales, it's different from QV.

Sponsor 7 front line Consultants who hit 500QV in their start month: 50 points

-When someone joins who really wants to build I recommend that they

add 10-15 Consultants to their Level 1 in their first few months. You just

happened to join when you could get trip points for doing something

that is a best practice. Win win!

Hit Month 1 of Start Counting: 10 points

Hit Month 2 of Start Counting: 10 points

Hit Director in July: 10 points

-Need 10,000 in Business Volume. You and your soon to be team can

do this!

Total: 100 points!

Want to map this out together! Let's schedule a call and get to work!!

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Use this to your advantage! Mark your Calendars Cedar Rapids and Iowa City - June 22nd! Get there!

This event will be great for your business and to help fire you up for Bacara! Who doesn't want to be there! I will and I want you there too! So USE this opportunity to bring your clients and prospects to the social so they can see what were are all about! Plus, stay for some awesome training to talk about summer growth, earning the Bacara Incentive and our AMAZING Target Collaboration! I am so excited for that I can hardly stand it!!!

Use this invitation to invite your friends and team members for a night out!!!

PLEASE - RSVP to me (kelliweber1@mac.com) if you are going and how many guests you will have! I can't wait to see all of our beautiful faces!! XOXO

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Did you see us in Washington DC!!! Share our success!

Beautycounter Takes on Washington D.C
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Kelli Weber, Senior Director

2016 is our YEAR! Big Goals, Big Change. I am here to help you succeed - our team is a powerhouse and I want to help you execute your ideas! We are stronger together than apart! How can I help you? Reach out to schedule a call anytime.

I want to hear from you!

What do you want in a newsletter? Message me with questions, content ideas or products you want to know more about! This is for you and I want to give you what you want! Reach out anytime and let me know how I am doing for you:)
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