Conference and Youthspeak information

The conference is in a month's time!

Am I the only one who's excited about this?!?

As advised, we are keeping you in the loop with all relevant information about the conference, which we hope will leave you both changed and motivated to start your own journeys as global leaders!

As a start up to the WE LEAD conference, on the first day we'll be having a Youthspeak Forum, aimed to start us off with awareness of some of our local situations, which will help heighten your perspectives about the experiences that others go through in their own different environments. This understanding of different situations from around the world is vital for us to understand in order to lead ourselves to a better future, whilst also helping us reach our AIESEC targets by 2020.

Below kindly find information regarding the forum and the different workshops that will be hosted at that time, which you will need to apply for from the attached link.

See you in a months time!

17th March: Youthspeak Forum!

The YouthSpeak Forum is a premiere event that brings together both young and senior leaders to form a diverse cross-sector and multi-generational space for inspiring conversations around pressing global issues, which considering we want to be the leaders of tomorrow, is a crucial step for us to understand our current situations which our youth and therefore our futures face. The forum aims to create an environment to gain new perspectives to create actionable outcomes and projects to push the world forward. This projects are connected to the insights we gain from the survey.

“Just imagine what solutions might be found if young people are given the space and encouragement to participate and lead.”

-Kofi Annan

Below find a description of each workshop being organised in this forum. also, be advised that you must apply for this forum in the attached link.

Youthspeak Forum Topics to be discussed

3 themes are education, entrepreneurship and sustainability

Education: Millennials are highly unsatisfied with the education system, contributing to a global Net Promoter Score of -42, as found in YouthSpeak Survey. In total, 53% of millennials see a disconnection between what they are learning today versus what they will need tomorrow. There is a significant challenge for government, youth, employers and the third sector to bridge the gap between education and employment and ensure that education is leaving young people prepared for the future. Keeping into consideration that the global youth population reaches up to 1.8 Billion, 89% of which are alluded to less developed countries, there is an urge to identify solutions for bridging this gap. To develop the next generation, which will comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025 , all stakeholders must come together to strive for a cross-sector collaboration.

Entrepreneurship: According to the YouthSpeak Survey, 61% of millennials have plans to become an entrepreneur and another 8.7% already are. With 31.3% of respondents stating that they endeavour to become an entrepreneur in the next 5 years, a growing trend is recognized among the millennial generation that will greatly impact their career choices and how they view the role of employers. AIESEC is therefore adamant to help shape this trend and capitalize on it, since so many young people want to become an entrepreneur

Sustainability: Many facets of sustainability shall be explored- sustainable development, resilience, sustainable entrepreneurship, triple bottom Line, corporate social responsibility, and how they intersect, zooming in on some key issues, breaking it down by sector. Looking ahead, we will identify what changes are needed to make the transition from the Millennium Development Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals, and the role of youth across sectors in making the goals a reality. The relevance of this pillar is seen in the YouthSpeak Insights, whereby more than 90% of Millennials want to work for a company that cares about the world and generates a positive impact.

Application link: http://bit.ly/YouthSpeakApplication