Burj Al Arab

By: Daniel Lopez


Need a place to stay? Burj Al Arab is the most luxurious hotel in the world. It has a great history. It is the world's only seven star hotel. The architects' (Tom Wright) history is how he got the idea to build the Burj Al Arab hotel. Although it did take the architect (Tom Wright) time to figure it out.

Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab hotel was one of Tom Wright's creations.The Burj Al Arab is located on the Jumeirah beach.They finished the project of the hotel in 1999;but,the project started in 1994.The building is 1053 meters tall.Just thinking about the height of it makes people wonder,did anyone every fall from it and now there's a curse on it in the construction of it.so,in addition,it would have some history behind it.

Tom Wright

The architect is Tom Wright. Tom Wright was born in Croydon, Greater London in 1957. He qualified as an architect at age 23. Tom Wright most notable design is the Burj Al Arab hotel. Tom Wright also designed the Jumeirah beach resort. He designed the Jumeirah resort.Therefore was the upbringing of "The only Seven star hotel in the world" stated from the article of www.kiwicollection.com.


It was built to look like a sail of a boat;but, people think it looks more like a cross.It's suppose to symbolize emirate.It took 3,500 men to build with no woman who helped build it.It is notably interesting to talk about,especially if people has been at the hotel to tell you there opinion on it.


The Burj al Arab hotel is an amazing hotel to stay in. It is near a beach resort on the jumeirah beach. The Burj al Arab is also planted on a island called the Jumeirah island. It has a helipad on the roof where you can go to play tennis. It has a great place to dine and you even get a golden IPad of your own during your stay. So that's why I think you should stay at the Burj Al Arab hotel.