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Spain has much to offer, both in educational and recreational departments. So let's explore some of the country's amazing treasures.

Sagrada Familia

This attraction is a Roman Catholic church in the city of Barcelona. It highlights the beauty of the town and the religion. The opening times in April to September are 9 AM to 8 PM, and the ticket prices range from 15,00 to 29,00 euros.

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Aqueduct of Segovia

This place stores Roman history in the water flowing through and the granite blocks the aqueduct. Being built near 50 AD, it is still flowing and being used today. Also, anyone can visit and gaze in awe of the architectural beauty.

Palacio Real

This attraction holds the history of royal Spain and is the current residence of Spain's king. The palace let's you get close to the educational history of Spain, while still having fun. The hours are from 10 AM to 6 PM with the ticket prices of 10 euros.

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¿Usted va?

Usted debe visitar Espana porque es muy bonita y es una experiencia fabulosa para usted. Usted tiene mucha informacion sobre la historia de Espana en el viaje y usted no lamenta. Es una experiencia unico. Entonces ¿que usted espera? ¡Vamanos!

By Diane Lee, 4a hora