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The American Founders

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1775 - George Washington to Martha Washington

Dear Martha, "I has been determined in Congress that the whole army raised for the defense of the Americcan cause shall be put under my care and that it is necessary for me to proceed immediately to Boston to take upon me the command of it. You may believe me, my dear Patcy, when I assure you, in the most solemn manner that, so far from seeking this appointment I have used every endeavour in my power to avoid it," (Lehrman 3).

1776 - George Washington to the Continental Congress

"To form a new Government requires infinite care and unbounded attention; for if the foundation is badly laid, the superstructure must be bad... A matter of such moment cannot be the work of a day," (Lehrman 19).

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1781 - George Washington is feeling: aged :[

"Gentlemen, reading from speeches is a very tedious business, particularly for an old man that has to put on spectacles, and the more so if the man be so tall that he has to bend over to the light," (Lehrman 8).