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Update #5: 9.22.14

Hello, families!

Progress reports for the college classes will start going out to individual professors this week; as feedback is received, Chris will send the comments to me, the student, and the student's parents. Professors usually respond within a week or two.

Majors2Careers is this Wednesday in the Grove. We will attend from 12:30-1:00. This informal event will give students an opportunity to meet with instructional and counseling faculty members, fellow students, and staff to discuss the following topics: What’s a major? Why it is necessary to declare a major? What does it take to complete the major from start to finish? What career paths are available with this major?

The PSAT is on 10/15. Juniors need to talk with their professors to see if they can miss their college class(es) on this morning so they can take the test. For more information, please see this PSAT flyer.

School Loop: All MC teachers are posting daily agendas for our classes — simply click on the calendars for the different courses and you can monitor what we are doing each day.

If students are absent, they should check the calendar to see what they missed.

To register for a parent account:

1) Go to

2) Choose SUHSD Cañada Middle College on left side.

3) Click on Register Now.

Just a quick reminder that the MC teachers are in the faculty office in 5-112 every morning from 8:30 until class starts, ready to help students with MC assignments, college assignments, college applications, or whatever support they might need. Our new location is tucked away and off the beaten track, but we are still here and accessible to students every day. Chris is available Monday-Thursday from 8:30-1:00 in 5-226.

Dean's List Celebration

Congratulations to our Dean's List Superstars! This past week we recognized the students who earned this honor for their grades in their Spring 2014 college classes. More than half of our graduated seniors achieved this honor, and fourteen of our current seniors earned the honor while juniors last semester. We're looking forward to having more students on the Dean's List this semester!
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Back to School Night/Parent Meeting

We will hold BTS from 6:30-7:15pm on Friday, September 26. Each teacher will provide a brief overview of her curriculum. Following our presentations, Julie DiBona is hosting a Parent Meeting from 7:30-8:30. We hope to see you there.

Course Updates


English 3 is wrapping up The Crucible and starting their first essay. Later in the week they will start one of the more challenging units of the year, the Transcendentalists; they will begin the unit with Emerson's Self Reliance - this is dense, time-consuming reading.

US History is working on defining and debating the founding ideals our our country. Juniors should be reading pp. 212-235 in their textbooks this week.

CCR 1 meets two days a week with Alison, where students are practicing critical thinking skills while grappling with ethical dilemmas. Two days a week they meet with me, where we're using They Say, I Say, learning how to write argument essays for MC and all college classes.


English 4 has wrapped up the introductory unit on the different types of writing required in CCSS. We've started reading Life of Pi, and will continue learning about various critical approaches to interpreting literature.

CCR 2 meets two days a week with Jen B, where they are working on college applications (UC, CSU, Common App) and starting the personal statement for the UC app. The other two days a week they are with Halo, working on resumés, and deciding where to apply.

Economics ended the week with a rousing trading simulation as they continue their study of supply and demand. Ch. 4 HW due on Thursday.

Volunteers Appreciated

We're looking for readers for the seniors' personal statements. Please consider giving feedback to a senior or two -- it helps them send out a stronger application and will give you valuable insight on the application process. Fill out THIS FORM to volunteer. Thank you to those who've already signed up!

We’re still looking for guest speakers who are willing to talk to our students about their jobs, how they began their careers, and the pathways they took (education, training, etc.). We’re hoping to schedule guest speakers in our first time block (12:30-1:20). If you, or someone you know, is able to talk to our classes, please let me know. Thanks to those who've already offered.