Hoover Blows

Korey Robinette

The Man Who Didn't Do Enough

Hoover reassured people in some way, but the didn't do it enough. Just telling people that they need to stay positive and optimistic, because the Great Depression isn't going to last forever wasn't enough to keep the people going. They needed help and need something to look forward too. The people couldn't be reassured because everyone was losing their jobs.

He didn't fix the problems or he took to long to fix a problem that could have been fixed months or years ago. Like Hoovers RFC (Reconstruction Finance Corp) was a good idea, but he was way to late to fix the problem because the poor still needed direct relief. His actions made the U.S citizens even more mad at him. Farmers burned crops and dumped milk and the people blamed Hoover for everything.

Hoover had an interesting philosophy was "help the people help themselves". The people respected that at first, but they needed help and fast. Hoover didn't point the people in the right direction. Instead he made the people more frustrated with him. After that all was said and done he started a plan. He told companies to stop laying people off, helped charities get started and created the President's Organization of Unemployment Relief (POUR). Good ideas but he didn't act fast enough and it was too little to late.

Hoover tried to attack the direct relief with lowering mortgage rates for home owners, National credit corporation which allowed bigger banks to loan money to smaller banks, and Federal Farm Board which allowed the government to buy crops from farms. This only put direct relief to a certain percentage of American while the rest still suffered.

Things he could have done differently was at the very beginning, Hoover should have helped the people and forgot about his philosophy. He should have made the Federal Farm Board active early on and same with the lowering mortgage rates, because not everybody would have lost their houses. He should have been more involved with the charities. That probably would have made him a little bit more liked.