The Bad Begining

By: Limany Snicket

Dear Mrs. Miller


The Bad Begining by, Limany Snicket was a book with tragaty, dispair, and over all sadness. The book made me feel as if i was really in the story with all of the family betrail, and the forced weding. The three main charicters Sunny, Violet, and the brother Kyle have gone through some terrable tragities, like losing their parents and then having an evil uncle after their fortune.

Relistic Fiction.

I read this book because i wanted to read something i could relate to but i know is just a made up plot. The book The Bad Begining is a book that could very so be real. The book has relistic problums, relistic charicteristics about the charicters in the book. When you think about the reality in the book and reality its self, you may not see much of a diffrence. The only diffrence you coulld point out is that some of the ¨laws¨ are diffrent. There are many tragities that take place in this book you would never want to happen to you. The betrail and dishonor is just so difficulte to comprehend all at the same time.


This book can connect with mnay things in the out side world. The everyday tragitys no one plays attention to. The way kids actually may be treated, but the thing hat gets me most is how cruwl and milishes someone could really be to 3 young kids.