Bunsen Burner Lab Safety

Kiley Wecker

The Bunsen Burner


When handling a bunsen burner in the laboratory, it is vital to know how to handle the equipment, because if something goes wrong, someone could get hurt. Bunsen burners can be harmful, but if used correctly, they can be very helpful tools.

How to Handle a Bunsen Burner Safely


  • Place the Bunsen burner away from any overhead shelving, equipment or light fixtures by at least 12 inches.

  • Remove all papers, notebooks, combustible materials and excess chemicals from the area.

  • Tie-back any long hair, dangling jewelry, or loose clothing.

  • Inspect hose for cracks or holes that could affect the burner.

  • Notify others in the laboratory that the burner will be in use.

  • Utilize a sparker/lighter with extended nozzle to ignite the burner. Never use a match to ignite a burner.

  • Have the sparker/lighter available before turning on the gas.

  • Do not leave open flames unattended and never leave the laboratory while the burner is on.

  • Shut off gas when its use is complete.

  • Allow the burner to cool before handling. Ensure that the main gas valve is off before leaving the lab.