By: Clarissa Rodriguez, Emory Brown, and Katie Daniels


As water cycles from the air to the land to the sea and back again, water shapes our planet—and nearly every aspect of our lives. We all use water in our daily lives and waste it. Fresh water only makes up 3% of the water on the earth. Two thirds of fresh water is ice and most of the rest is locked underground. The drought has troubled Texas throughout its years. People have tried many ways to stop the shortage of water such as ways to stop leaks and how to turn salt water into fresh water but have failed.


To decrease the shortage of water our solution is to recycle water by using a filter. The filter is going to allow you to save running water, the water you use to take a shower and the water you use to wash your dishes.


We are going to do this by putting a filter inside your pipes so that way all of the running water and everything goes through the filter and gets cleaned out and reused again, and the wastes goes through a different pipe and to the sewer. We are going to reuse this water not to your drinking water but to the water that it came from.


I did my project this way because this is a smart and easy way to conserve water. Natural resources are limiting so this a great way to reuse water.As shown in the picture the dirty water goes down the drain through the filter and recycles as clean water. That way there will always be clean water to use in your house or other places.