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Tornado Joplin (2011 Missouri)

What is a Tornado?

A mobile, destructive vortex of violently rotating winds having the appearance of a funnel shaped cloud and advancing beneath a large storm system.

What Causes a Tornado?

Partly the result of the updrafts and downdrafts in the thunderstorm. (caused by the unstable air) interacting with the wind shear, resulting in an upward vortex disaster!

Here are some examples of tornados

Where to Tornado's occur?

Tornados can occur anywhere in the world. But they mostly form in regions with Flat, Dry terrain.

Can it be predicted? If so, How?

Yes, Meteorologists use doppler radars. But, they are not able to predict the Tornados path.

How can we prevent people from dying?

1. Warning signs

2. Safe hiding places

What can you do in your own home to prepare?

- Have the news at all times

- Have a safety room empty at all times

- Have a plan

Joplin Tornado

When did it happen?

Joplin happened in 2011

Where did it happen?

Joplin Missouri.
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What was the cause of the disaster?

Well, Just like any other tornado, it was caused by the downdrafts and updrafts. It was then turned into a vortex disaster.

Death Toll

153 People were killed in this disaster.


- $2.8 billion dollars in rebuilding

- EF-5 disaster

Devastating Joplin, Missouri EF-5 Tornado - May 22, 2011 and Aftermath


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