Learn360 Media on Demand Service

Available to Ralston Public Schools Staff

Overview of Learn360 (from their website):

Learn360 is an interactive media-on-demand service providing teachers and students the power to meet and exceed 21st century educational expectations across all curriculums. Through streaming video, audio and accompanying support materials, Learn360 supports web-based learning by providing an online collaborative environment where users can share information and ideas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Content is correlated to State, Common Core and Provincial standards, as well as 21st century learning initiatives, and can be further adapted to meet the demands of local school districts and individual teacher curricula.

Learn360 is dedicated to captivating and retaining the attention of students to improve the overall learning experience, as well as supporting educators in their efforts to engage today's students. The technology Learn360 provides enables teachers to address the unique learning styles of individual students through multimedia formats while fully incorporating differentiated learning into the curriculum. Coupled with Learn360's virtual classroom platform, students become more actively engaged in their education and are inspired to learn in school and at home.

Using the My Learn360 custom dashboard, teachers can personalize their virtual classroom within Learn360 by uploading their own content, developing multimedia lesson plans, crafting assignments/projects, and delivering quizzes and tests online for students to complete at home or in the classroom. Students can access the classroom webpage to view video clips, complete assignments, research subject matter, take tests and communicate with teachers and classmates via secure class blogs and discussion boards.

A search engine feature allows teachers to search over 10,700 digital video titles, and 35,700 video clips as well as a comprehensive set of speeches, images, songs, research articles and activities from over 100 top educational publishers such as A&E, History, Bio, Encyclopaedia Britannica, National Geographic, Sunburst Visual Media and many more. Teachers can search by subject area, grade level, media format, standards and various other criteria.

How do I log on?

At learn360.com, your login is your full email address, i.e., firstname.lastname@ralstonschools.org. First-time password is rams. You may be directed to answer a security question and then change your password.

If you have further questions, contact Maureen Olsen, RHS Librarian