Annual Parent Survey

It's that time of year to let us know how we are doing!

Parent Survey

The best way to make sure every student in our school succeeds is to build a strong partnership between families, the school, and the community. This survey gives you the opportunity to tell us what our school is doing well to support this partnership and what we can do better.

Your Voice Matters!

You may ask yourself if it's worth completing the form. YES! Yes, it is. Not only do we analyze the results to keep doing what is working, we also take a close look at the suggestions we receive. Here are just a few changes we made after last year's survey:

  • CONCERN: More opportunities to support students who don't require Learning Center, but have challenges in class (i.e. the “middle kids”)
  • CHANGES MADE: All but one teaching staff attended UDL training this year (2018-19). It is our belief that the effective implementation of UDL strategies will address the concern regarding the "middle kids". Additionally, the increased push-in services have provided more opportunities for individualized support beyond students with special needs. We've seen growth school-wide in both iReady reading and math that supports push-in services are having a positive impact on all students.

  • CONCERN: SPARK for kindergarten
  • CHANGES MADE: The District provided SPARK for kindergarten in 2017-18. It was determined that misbehaviors from kinder students increased significantly, resulting in a non-impactful program for young students. We will continue to monitor enrollment numbers and may provide SPARK for kinder students should space allow.

  • CONCERN: Contact with SPARK after school hours
  • CHANGES MADE: SPARK contact numbers are provided on the school website and the SPARK handbook. The District needs to communicate more effectively where to find this information.

2019 Parent Survey

Our goal is that 50% of our parent community completes this survey. The survey is written to take less than 5 minutes to complete. Please take a moment and let us know how things are going.

Click here to access this year's survey.
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