The New Health Rules

Simple Changes to Achieve Whole-Body Wellness

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New Health Rules

Book Analysis

Frank Lipman, M.D. & coauthor Danielle Claro provide life-changing health advice in their book The New Health Rules.

Instead of bogging you down with unnecessary detail, this book greats straight to the point and provides you with every bit of expert, actionable wisdom you need to transform your health.

This book will help you map out habits that you can stick with and each page you read brings you one step closer to feeling better.

Personally, i find that this book provided simple and truly doable tips that helped me in my journey for a healthy life!

I also like that the focus is not ONLY on diet - but includes lifestyle and exercise tips too.

Overall, this book perfectly conveys that getting healthy is a journey and that it is not meant to change you over the weekend.

In anatomy this year we've learned how what you put into your body affects your overall health. For one of our tech literacy challenges, I did an infographic over how energy drinks affect us and found that not only can they take a toll on your physical health, they can cause mental disorders such as insomnia and general risky behavior.