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Municipal are managers to log in to organize the web

The administrators must have its own control to place the warranty monitored since there is no automatic warning system. Are continuously compiled five months ahead also indicates spare capacity during the period, how many offers that are out there and the number of children leaving a place. The consultant's general observations queuing system district administrations responsible for monitoring the site warranty and ensure that it is met. The interviews revealed that the priority rules automatically followed in Book, which means that whoever is first in the queue to be offered queue solution methods places first. Service Administration points out that the warranty place will be offered immediately when vacancy arises.

This rule is not followed consistently in the city, but there will be guaranteed seats moved forward. Applications covered by the spot warranty sorted by date of Book. queuing system Guaranteed admission applies only to children who do not have an existing investment in preschool. The three audited the district meets the warranty, but offered place has not always been one of the parents chosen options. It means that the child remains in the queue for the changing of place until one of the selected options offered and accepted.

By organizing the Web, preschool may receive information on:- the child's contact information- parents rank the current preschool- the date when the child was queued- when the child has warrantied and queuing system when the city was therefore obliged to later offer the child a preschool place- information about the child already has a place Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Service management will introduce a new administrative support, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), from October to help district administrations officers and contact centers.

CRM is a case management system which includes supports contact center work to record, categorize, monitor and allocate cases to the queuing system proper authorities or administrators. Receiving officer at the management will be able to accept a case and report actions directly in the system. Statistics and reports should be easy to be produced. The consultant's general observations All interviewed the concerned authorities feel that roles and responsibilities are clearly assigned between the relevant committees, but it is not known by all, which committee is the system owner for Book.

All know well, however that Education is the system queuing system administrator and responsible for the support. All interviewees believe that there is a clear demarcation between officers at the district administrations and the contact center. Administrators at the district administration has been relieved of many phone calls about issues surrounding queue and investments. Officers at the district administrations and contact centers have telephone or email the contact if questions arise.

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