March Book One

By: Aidan Hamilton

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The Book March is a graphic novel written by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell. Although this graphic novel has three authors the main story came from John Lewis. The story is about congressman John Lewis and how he was involved in the civil rights movement. The story is mostly told in past tense as the book is set in the present day and he is talking to people about his life before and during the civil rights movement. This makes for good storytelling because there are occasional breaks in the story so it is not one huge history lesson. I personally like this style of writing. Also this book is jam packed with information on John Lewis from when he was a small child to when he is a middle aged adult. In my opinion this book is a must read. It has historical points from the first person view of someone that was involved in the civil rights movement and is a congressman. All in all I loved this graphic novel and I wish book two was out.

"Dr. Kings example showed me that it was possible to do more as a minister than what I had witnessed in my church, I was inspired." -John Lewis

Congressman John Lewis on Race and Voting - Civil Rights Movement