Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome covered seven hills overlooking the River Tibus. Nobody really knows who really found Rome. Romules and Remus began building it in 753 B.C


Ancient Rome has hot summers and mild winters. During summer months, the temperature can exceed to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. (35 degrees Celsius) The average temperature in winter is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. (12.7778 degrees Celsius)
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Autumn in Ancient Rome


Ancient Rome's population was around 50 to 90 million inhabitants.
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People in ancient Rome


Kings ruled Rome when the citizens expelled the last king, Tarquin the Proud. Rome became a Republic governed by officials who were elected by the people every year. Julius Caesar, a brilliant general, had many military successes. He had lots of power in the Republic, as he was popular with the people.

Defense and Attack!

Ancient Rome's army conquered many lands. At its most successful , the Roman Empire circled the Mediterranean and Black Seas. They conquered as far north as Hadrian's wall in Britain!
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Military army in Ancient Rome


Ancient Rome's most common language is Latin. The empire's decline and fall by the fifth century A.D was one of the most dramatic implosion's in the history of human civilisation. Jesus Christ was their culture. The last pagan emperor of Rome came to be known to be known as ' Julian the Apostate' for his opposition to Christianity. Jovian re-established Christianity.
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A church in Ancient Rome