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Granger Jr. High, August 2019, Vol.1

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Message from the Principal

Dear Granger Parents,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Granger Junior High School, Home of the Griffins. The 2019-2020 school year marks the start of an important and exciting opportunity for our students to have an outstanding educational experience.

At Granger, we are committed to academic success. If a student is performing below grade level, he/she will be enrolled in an Avid Excel or Math workshop during the school day. Any student who doesn’t master a formative assessment (each core curriculum teacher gives an exam every two weeks) or fails to complete classwork/homework assignments on a timely basis, will be required to attend academic re-teaching interventions after school.

It is important for parents and students to keep up with grades throughout the school year. Grades are accessible via their iPads or Lenovos on the Canvas informational system or Jupiter Grades. Please note, that students who are new to the district should have received their passwords at the beginning of the school year. Returning students will use their passwords from last school year.

In addition, GJH offers many opportunities for parents to become a part of their child’s experience. Open House is scheduled for Thursday, August 22 which will allow you the opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and learn about the academic expectations for each class.

Lastly, our faculty voted to extend the instructional day by 10 minutes by adding 5 minutes of instruction at the beginning of the day and 5 at the end. This will allow us to have more early release days on Fridays and minimum days during finals in December.

Please refer to our app or Google Calendar for these dates and times.

This will be a great year for your child here at GJH. As Principal, I want to extend a personal invitation to each of you to visit our campus to volunteer and attend our activities throughout the year. We are excited for the school year and ready for what’s ahead.


Daniel Kracha


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PLC Dates - students are released at 2pm

  • August 16, 30 and September 6, 13, 20

GJH Open House - August 22

  • Join us for food and entertainment before OPEN HOUSE. Please check your email these coming days for more information!

Minimum Day, 1:00 p.m. dismissal - August 23

Coffee with the Principal - September 5

Progress Report 1 - September 6

Last day of Quarter 1 - September 20

Fall Break - September 23-October 8

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Activate Your Parent Portals!

Student homework assignments are noted on district platforms such as Jupiter Grades and/or Canvas. Your child will know which platform he/she’s teacher uses for classwork and homework assignments. In order to best support your child’s education, Granger teachers and staff ask that you inquire about homework assignments daily and log onto the above mentioned platforms to verify.

If you have any trouble logging on to a platform above, please visit Ivan Amezola in the Parent Center (Rm. 101) or email him at

Jupiter Grades

The images below show you how to log on to create an account as well as see which assignments your child has completed or has missing. You can adjust the settings to be able to receive weekly email and text notifications when something has been graded.


A few Granger teachers use Canvas for their classes, much like Jupiter Grades, you can check which assignments are pending, missing or have been corrected. For Canvas, you do not have a specific parent login but rather you log on through your child’s own account. Login instructions can be found below.

Username: student ID#

Password: student 8 digit birthday

Homework Help

Scholarship grades are based on tests, classwork and homework that teachers assign students. In order for students to maintain their grades, students should complete their homework at home and turn it in to their teacher the day it is due. This will prevent grades from slipping and being sent to after school programs such as AEC - Academic Enrichment Center - to complete those missing assignments.

With so many classes it can be difficult for parents to know how many times a student gets assigned homework for each class. Below you will find a chart listing how many homework assignments you can expect your student to be assigned in the week for his/her core classes.

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When students do not have homework, they are still required to REVIEW notes, read ahead and check for any upcoming tests or assignments.

We encourage you to review homework, Jupiter Grades and Canvas with your student every night to ensure they complete missing assignments. If you have any questions regarding assignments or grades please contact your child’s teacher by email through the platform the teacher uses.

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School Uniform Policy

At Granger, we have a strict uniform policy for all our students. Please make sure your child arrives to school with the proper uniform attire. Those that do not will be sent to the office and be given uniform loaners. Please read the attached document for Granger’s Uniform Policy.

Attendance Policy and Saturday Gap

Attendance is a crucial part in student learning. When students miss school they truly miss out. That is why we reward our students who are present and inquire on students who have multiple absences. Students with unexcused absences will be assigned Saturday Gap (Saturday School from 8am-12pm). Please note that ONE DAY OF SATURDAY GAP clears ONE absences. This more importantly provides students the opportunity to make up their missed assignments and attend tutoring sessions.We encourage you to report any absence and to contact us with questions!

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Contact Us!

*Note: This newsletter is published quarterly.

At Granger we are dedicated to helping all students succeed through the collaboration of parents and community. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (619) 472-6000.