COVID Update #7

Friday 11th March

WEEKLY UPDATE - Term 1 Week 6

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

I realise there has been significant communications from me in recent weeks with the spike in classes affected by confirmed positive COVID cases. Over this week, a number of further cases have been, and continue to be reported. Individuals are either already in isolation, or their infectious period occurred whilst away from school. Rather than informing the community daily and receiving multiple alerts for cases in our community. I believe providing a weekly update of confirmed cases will be more effective moving forward.

Over the past two weeks, there have been a number of COVID cases within our school community including staff and children. Below is a breakdown of the positive cases in each class from the period Monday 28th Feb through until this morning, Friday 11th March. These numbers include children and classes who have already isolated for the 7-day period before returning to school.

Please understand I can only inform the community of positive cases when I have that information. Therefore, affecting the timeliness of being able to notify classes. I urge parents to please advise the school as soon as possible after receiving a positive result.

Separate communications have been sent to individual classes to alert them of any positive case.

KB - 0

KW - 1

PPB - 5

PPW - 9

1B - 2

1W - 2

2B - 1

2W - 3

3B - 7

3W - 2

4B - 1

4W - 1

5B - 3

5W - 0

6B - 1

6W - 4

Staff - 4

Every Friday, I will provide a summary of the NEW confirmed positive cases as they come to hand. Classes will continue to be informed as soon as I confirm a positive case.

Best wishes

Jason Baker