Monthly Parent Newsletter

Ms. Browning's Prekindergarten Class

What we learned in math this month

This month in math we discovered the use of position or location words such as under and over. Your child was able to demonstrate the two concepts by using manipulative blocks and and physical body movements. Your child enjoyed moving about the classroom finding items that were over and under other items. We will learn more location words like near and far next month.

School Carnival Reminder

Reading Book Club

Our classroom has a goal for every student to red ten books a month. If we can accomplish this, we will hold an end of the year pizza party. Parents, make sure you fill out the reading report spread sheet that I provided. This will help you keeo track of what books your child has read. The spreed sheets are due April 27th. Thank you for supporting your children's education!


Next year, the dress code will nolonger be in effect! Congrats to everyone who voted to make our school uniform free!!