Native American Civilizations

By: Barrett Winter

Anasazi Civilization

This civilization took place around 500-1200 AD. They trapped rain by making dams, ditches, and canals. The houses were made of adobe and stone, apartment-like. Located in Chaco Canyon with a population of 1,000+. Built roads for trading. Traded jewelry, woven baskets, and pottery. Heavy impact on art and architecture. Drought forced them out.

Adena Civilization

Located in the Ohio River Valley around 700 BC. They farmed squash, sunflowers, gourds, and barley. They had copper jewelery and fine pottery. They made great burial mounds from logs and piles of earth.

Hopewell Civilization

They lived in the Ohio River Valley in 300 BC. Constructed huge mounds 40 ft. high and 100 ft. wide. Owned an existensive trade route. Adena and Hopewell are referred to as the "Mound Builders".

The Mississippians

Found in the Mississippi Valley around 800 AD. Had many food plants when added maize and beans they increased in population, so they needed more land. More land ment new cities like Cahokia (St. Louis). In the center of Cahokia was a mound 100 ft. high and 14 acres wide. This mound had 120 smaller mounds around it.