A Wrinkle in Time

tesser through the story


Winkle in Time takes place on many planets, and dimensions. In the novel Meg, Charles, and Calvin go to a planet called Camazots. The planet Camazots is a dark and evil planet, and everyone has the same brain. The brain is called IT, and it makes everyone do the same things. A quote from the novel is, "All in rhythm. All identical. Like the houses. Like the paths. Like the flowers (pg. 115)." This shows there is no individuality on Camazots, because everyone is controlled.


Meg is insecure with with her appearance , but no matter what she sticks up for her brother. Her parents are amazing scientist, and she thinks she's a disappointment. She doesn't have high grades or many friend, but this does change. At the beginning Meg's teacher says, "If you don't manage to do a little better you'll have to stay back next year( pg.8)." By the end of the book she realizes her faults can help her.


When Meg, Charles, and Calvin go to Camazots, the brain IT is trying to take over their brains. Charles couldn't stand IT and gave his mind over, because he is very arrogant. Trying to resist IT Meg, Meg's father, and Calvin tesser to a different planet while trying to resist IT, but left the hypnotized Charles behind. Meg knows she must go back to save her brother. Meg said, " But if you haven't though of anything else, it's the only thing to do! Father don't you care about Charles at all (pg.208)!" This shows how impatient Meg is to have her brother back to the regular Charles.

Meg Stand Up For Charles

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