Jackie Robinson

His Life And How He Got Famous

How He Started

He started with the Brooklyn dodgers. He was the only one who could pitch like a major league baseball player. His pitches would be so fast the coaches were impressed
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How He Became Famous

He became famous when he started playing on Montreal Royals. The reason he got famous was because when he got to that team was when he Bat and made a home run. Everyone was cheering for him, he got famous by just that bat, if he didn't I bet he'd still be famous for being a good baseball player still. When he made all of that some people were mean to him and thought bad and they thought that was a lucky hit. So when they thought that Jackie came again one more time and did another home run this time EVERYONE thought he was good.
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His Childhood

His life when he was a child wasn't easy it was a tough life for him and his family. So this is how it all started. Jackie's family was poor they lived in small town in Georgia. They rented a piece of land to a farm to make some money at least. Jackie was born January 31, 1919 after Jackie was born his father left, after they moved to Pasadena, California. Jackie grew up when there was some problems between Colored and White. Jackie still was proud of everyone he wasn't embarrassed to be colored. Some of the white people thought the colored people where not as good as the white because they had dark skin. so after a while Jackie was walking around when he found a mitt and a ball, but he didn't know how to use it so he just started throwing it up and then a white person appeared and said that's quite a arm there son. Jackie was confused, after a while later (2 Years) Jackie was playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers, he was one of the best players. And so Jackie Robinson also changed the world for some dark skin people to play the same a the white.

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January 31, 1919

Wow I feel so alive, I was just born and I have five older brothers and sisters.


I’m kind of nervous about transferred from PJC, Pasadena Junior College to UCLA. I know I’m super beast at basketball, football, baseball, ands track but this school is the big deal.


I was just drafted and assigned to a segregated Army cavalry unit in Fort Riley. I am going to apply to the Officer Candidate School. It has been several months but I was finally accepted into the School

January 1943

Wow I was commissioned as a second lieutenant

Early 1945

JI just accepted a contract $400 dollars per mouth to play professional baseball in the Negro leaguesJ


I on my way to Daytona Beach for my spring training with the Royals of the Class AAA International League


I am now in the big leagues, the major leagues. I’m first baseman for the Dodgers. I have noticed that a bunch of black fans are filling the stadium. I also noticed that some of the other players would rather sit out then play alongside me. So I told the guys that” I do not care if the guy is yellow or black, or if he has stripes like a zebra.


Stanky got traded to the Braves and I took over second base. My batting average is now .296 and 22 stolen bases for my season. Now a more and more blacks are entering the Major leagues.


I retired from baseball and I was diagnosed with diabetes.


It is my first year of eligibility for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

June 4th 1972

My uniform number was retired

October 24, 1972

Nine days after my appearance at the World Series I had a heart attack. My time has come and thank you for listening