By: Hailey Dorie

Job description

This job applies to a wide range of other jobs. From taking care of small animals like cats and taking care of big animals like cows and horses. You would need to work careful and not be afraid of animals.

Education and Training

You must be a certified breeder, pass the standardized breeders exam, must have taken some animal science classes.

After 4 years of college to be a certified breeder and then an internship for 1 year. After a mandatory internship the potential certified breeder will be assigned a mentor breeder to help them along the job and answer any questions.


The salary for being a breeder in general would be around $44,000 dollars a year.

Typical day for a breeder

A normal day for a breeder would be making calls to schedule appoints, ordering more products, injecting the cows with semen and or collecting semen.

Where would you have to live

You would not want to live in the city. It would make more sense to live in the country. The job doesn't involve being in the city. You would want to live where there are bigger farms.

Negative aspects

The weather might be not the best. The animals might have negative behavior. Kicking and getting tails swung in your face. You might run into near death experience's.

Colleges and training

When you got to college you would need 4 years of schooling or have to go to a university. Large animal breeders have a mentor at first. Take a good amount of high school classes dealing with animals.


Make decisions quick, choose the right tools to use, need to know how to get a feel of the animals personally, be prepared for the worst, have worked on a farm before. You must be patient and calm.