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September 18-22

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from J-

I appreciated being with you on Wednesday - thank you for the learning and discussion., and for providing feedback (the link is found in Bret's section if you haven't shared yours yet). We design those to meet our Elementary Team needs, so if there are specific items you want to be part of our time and/or roundtables, the feedback padlet is the place to share your thoughts. Over the next few days we will be reviewing your input that you shared around accountability. My goal is to share general trends and findings with your Delta team representatives on Thursday, 9/21. From their guidance, we will roll out our key actions.

Besides the full day at KAC for our leadership teams, I spent most of my time out visiting sites and seeing some amazing things happening. I was happy to be a part of some of the story telling through social media, and see that many of you are telling your school's story. A reminder from Joe this summer: In the absence of knowledge, people make up their own. Does your community and do your parents know the learning stories that are happening? You have the tools and technologies to share your story, and it moves parents beyond accepting the "nothing" response that may be reported by their kiddos about what they did at school that day. I see this as directly tied to setting the learning culture at your school.

In this edition of the RAH, there is information from Special Services for you to be aware of. Enjoy. Have an amazing week. Let me know how I can best support you-

It's Time for Teacher Evaluation & It's Only September!

"Done well, it requires the highest level of professional knowledge and skill as well as the highest level of interpersonal understanding and relationships that one can rally."

from Bret-

Feedback about the Elementary Learning meeting goes here.

Delta Team will meet next Thursday. Parkview feeder pattern agenda items, along with answers, are here.

Correlate 4 within the Correlates of Effective Schools is a Clear and Focused Mission. This includes:

· All students will learn. Principals shine a light on the learning of FRL, minority, and IEP students.

· Learn a blend of basic and higher level skills.

· Teachers plan lessons with the “end in mind.”

· The mission is more concerned with learning rather than teaching.

· All staff members adopt a lead learner mentality.

Bret's GQ photo shoot was a success...

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3 Surefire Ways to Build Trust Among Teachers

Building trust amongst your teachers is a win-win proposition.


Saturday, Sep. 16th, 8am

420 East Farm Road 182

Springfield, MO

One last push/invite to join us for some informal and unconference learning! 8am-12noon, this Saturday, 9/16. Join us for a great morning, then go enjoy some fantastic fall festivals!

from Phyllis Wolfram - Medicaid Update

SPS generates revenue through two school-based Medicaid programs:

  • Direct Services Billing is for students who receive related services as part of their IEP – our licensed Speech/Language Pathologists, Occupational and Physical Therapists conduct this training.
  • SDAC-School District Administrative Claiming includes “YOU”

We receive reimbursement for administrative activities such as:
  • Coordination of medical and mental health related services covered by Medicaid.
  • Linking students to Medicaid services.
  • Monitoring the delivery of medical and mental health services performed in the school district.

Because of your role/job duties with SPS, you are included as someone who may perform an administrative activity that would be considered under SDAC.

  • You must complete annual training via email from Fairbanks. Please watch for this email and complete in a timely manner.
  • You may also receive a Random Moment Survey, again from Fairbanks, as part of the data collection process. You will be asked for specific information about what you were doing during that exact moment. Please complete this survey immediately.

Should you have any questions, please contact Pam Marion, Assistant Director of Special Services.

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from Brady- follow up from Learn Lead Succeed

If you attended my session at Learn Lead Succeed, you may recall I laid out four vision statements that will drive the work of the Special Services Department moving forward. The first vision statement was: We will utilize a data-based approach to services that is innovative and inclusive.

Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s) begin with the student’s present level of performance (gleaned from data) which in turn drive goals (based in data), and progress on those goals is also determined through data collection. So in other words, data collection for special education teachers is essential!

3 points related to data:

  • We will be rolling out Special Services Building Profiles in early October that will provide you with a holistic snapshot of what special education looks like at your site. Variables such as caseload, numbers and types of disability categories, incidence rates, referral outcomes, placement stats, discipline and student achievement will be covered – looking forward to the conversations that will follow…
  • The department continues to provide training with the Sped Track and ReThink platforms, which are the primary tools teachers used to collect student data.
  • Finally, and most importantly, as you provide feedback to your special education teachers this year, please remember to ask them about their strategies and proficiency with data collection. We all know it can be challenging, but it is crucial to their role, and the department wants to provide the support and resources needed for teachers to be successful. Thanks in advance!

Weller students use WeVideo to make Open House Welcome