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The Coyote's habitat is in many places like Western America, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. They live in a variety of and environment's. Their environments are like the desert, mountains and prairies. (World Book)

They call them Prairie Wolf, Or like Brush wolf. They dig very deep wholes in the ground to house themselves called a den.

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They run pretty quickly, they run up to 40 MPS (National Geographic). They form packs for more effective hunting. They move very slickly, they sneak up on their prey. They corner their prey then attack it. They gang up on the prey and eat, but first they take it back to the cave.
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Body Covering

The Coyote's fur can be many colors. The Most common color is Black tinted shading over the brownish-grey. The Coyote is part of the dog family so the Coyote has pointy ears and a bushy tail.

The Coyote's tail is about "28 to 41 centimeters" (World Book). Also The Coyote has the ability to howl just like a wolf. They also have the facial features of a actual wolf except the fur.

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Coyote's eat rabbits, mice, rodents, gophers, prairie dogs, rats, and squirrels. They also feed on: antelope, deer, goat, sheep. They eat also eat insects, small birds, and reptiles and fish. During other seasons like winter they feed on large dead animals that have froze to death. They even eat fruits like juniper berries, mesquite beans, and watermelons.


The female coyotes find mates at the age two years old. They have to go through a Pregnancy Phase from 60 to 63 days (World book). The female coyote usually gives birth to 3 to 6 pups. A newborn pup weighs to 7 to 10 ounces. They come out blind and no fur and they don't open their eyes until two weeks. The mother gives them milk until they are 6 or 7 weeks old.


They adapt by meeting mate's, find finding new members into a group. They fight off predators together. They live in a group so they can feel safe, and not hunted by other predators. They fight off other hostile groups together.

Other Info

They live alone or in groups, they form groups of 3 members or more. Coyote pups can take care of themselves by late summer, when they leave the their parents (World Book). They howl just like wolves, they are very similar to each other.
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