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The Unsinkible Ship Sinks

What Happened?

This ship was suposed to be practicaly unsinkible then how did it sink you ask well...mid trip in the middle of the night the boat ran into a large iceburg causingthe ship to sink. The titanic had 899 workers with that much staff imagine how manny passengers there were. Fortionally many got away on life rafts and sadly others did not there life was taken that day
If you look at the picture abve you can see nuber one a picture of the monster ship itself you can see how they thought it was unsinkible. they thought wrong but at least they wont be making that mistake again. Number two is a beautiful necklace recovered from the wreck. As you can see fro that the people on this ship were definatly in the upper class because it was "unsinkible" these tickets were very expensive. lasty you can see the people in the life rafts. once again because the titanic was "unsinkible" they under packed the life rafts another reason more people died. That is todays news!