Adversities in Nazi Germany

The adversities of Germans versus adversities of Jews

For Jews, many were poor and in poverty so they couldn't afford the fine to leave Germany where as many Germans could pay the fine to leave because they where rich and not in as much poverty. Also, marriage for Jews was tough because they couldn't marry freely where as the Germans could marry freely.

Furthermore, Jews in Germany lost the right to be a German citizen and got deprived of most political rights and Jews felt the effects of more than 400 decrees and regulations that restricted all aspects of their public and private lives. Which differs from the Germans because they got the right to be a German citizen and were not deprived of most political rights and didn't feel the effects of over 400 decrees and regulations.

How Germans and Jews are similar is that both lost a lot of family members. Germans lost them due to having to fight in wars and Jews lost family members due to them getting killed or taken away, Another way that they are alike is they are both forced to do things that they may not want to do such as Jews having to give up children because they can't support them. Which is similar to the Germans because many were chosen to fight in wars and had no choice whether to fight or not. taken from "anti-Jewish legislation laws" article

Timeline of Nazi Germany

Adolf Hitler joined the German workers party in September,1919 and on January 30th,1933 he became chancellor of Germany. when Adolf became chancellor he channeled popular discontent with the post-war weimar government into support for his fledgling Nazi party. Not long after on February 3rd,1993 Hitler defined the Nazi foreign policy and the prime goal was to secure living space for the German master race. Next, on March 23rd,1993 the enabling act gave Hitler to make laws without consulting the reichstag for a period of four years giving him the opportunity to make any law he wanted to.

Then, April 26th the Nazis took over local government and on July 14th,1993 all political parties were banned except for Nazis. On September 15th,1935 nuremburg laws defined German citizenship and relations between Jews and Aryans was banned. In November of 1938 many Jewish shops and synagogues were destroyed. Following the event the Jewish population was fined for destruction. Lastly about 10 years later on April 30,1945 Hitler died taken from "Jews in Germany" article

Problem and solutions that occurred in nazi Germany

In Nazi Germany Jews getting little income and not having a lot of food and water is a problem because many people died because of the lack of important things. One possible solution to that problem was to give up your oldest child to the Germans or a friend so that you don't have to support him/her anymore and have more food/water for the rest of the family. another problem is Jews having little rights in Nazi Germany such as not being able to drive motor vehicles, can only have typical Jewish names, prohibited from owning shops and Jews in German reich may no longer own or control property. A solution to the problem is for the Jews to fight against the Germans so that they can have equal rights.

Another challenge was many Jews couldn't go to school to get a good education because it was mostly Germans who were allowed to go to school and get an education. This was solved by kids getting home schooled my parents or older siblings. An Additional puzzle is Germans taking Jewish peoples children from them. This led to may Jewish people hiding their children when the Germans came around to take them. Overall many of the problems in Nazi Germany had solutions. taken from "The Jewish problem" article

Types of causes and effects that happened in Nazi Germany

The reason why Nazi Germany began is because Hitler hated people who were Jewish. Due to Jews not being accepted by German people they got little rights in Nazi Germany. Also many died because there was a lack of food and water and other necessary things. Since many Jews can't go to school they can't get a good education. An additional cause is Hitler died which caused many Jews to start to regain the freedom they had before Nazi Germany began. To conclude there are many causes and effect situations that happened in Nazi Germany. taken from "Jews in Germany" article

description of what an adversity is

A adversity is a difficulty or a misfortune. Some people face big adversities while others face smaller adversities. For example a big adversity is a family member or a friend having to go to the hospital to get surgery or something else. An example of a small adversity is getting a bad grade on a test or not making it into a honors group. Some characteristics are misfortune, difficulty,difficult situation and tragedy. To conclude a adversity could be many different things. taken from
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