Stryker Corporation

Medical Equipment & Services


-Founded by Dr. Homer Stryker in 1941

-Company was made to improve surgery and recovery, and also lead healthier and more active lives with their products and services

Basic Products

Kevin A. Lobo is the current CEO of Stryker Corp.

Homer Stryker

Homer Stryker was very innovative. Dr. Homer Stryker was an orthopaedic surgeon from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Some of his medical products did not meet his patients’ needs, so he invented new ones. Demand in his products sky rocketed, so Dr. Stryker started a company in 1941 to produce them. The product goals were to help patients become healthier, with more active lives with their products and services that make surgery and recovery more effective, faster, and simpler.

Financial Info

Stryker Corps. has been losing money for the last couple years, mainly because it has sold the same products. They have been up and down on their stock prices for years. But this spring, they will be introducing brand new products to their line, that is why it is a good stock to invest in.
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More Stock Info

-Stock symbol is SYK

-Trading low today compared to 52-week hi/low

-Dividend pay is 0.35

-Next dividend pay is March 27th, 2015

News Releases