Grand Canyon National park

By Blake and Annalise


The Grand Canyon was formed by the Colorado river. While the river cut through the rocks, the land around the river was rising . Over millions of years the Grand Canyon was formed.


Wildlife in the Grand Canyon is Condors, Squirrels, Bald Eagles, Beavers, Rattlesnakes, Mountain lions and Pinyon Jays.


One way to see the Grand Canyon is to ride a mule down the trails.

Another way to see the Grand Canyon is to walk.

Another way is to ride a raft down the river.

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The Best View of the Grand Canyon

Fast Factcs

The grand Canyon is 9,200 ft above sea level.

Natural seeps and springs percolating out to the Canyon walls are home to 11% of all plants and animals fond in the Grand Canyon.

The north rim and south rim are separated by 20 miles.

Each year more then 8 million people visit the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is 18 miles deep.

Humans firs settled in the Canyon region more then 11,000 years ago.

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